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Proven. Trusted. Electable.

As an MSU alum, proud Spartan, and solid conservative, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the Michigan State University Board of Trustees. Having previously served on the Board of Trustees, I know the hard work required of a dedicated Trustee. While on the Board I worked hard to achieve concessions from on-campus unions, defended the Michigan Constitution by insisting on proper implementation of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, saved construction costs by pushing back against union-favored Project Labor Agreements, and fought off an administration proposal for Obamacare-style healthcare requirements for students. 

Even with these major accomplishments there is more work to be done. As a conservative voice on the Board of Trustees I will fight hard to protect Michigan families, students, and taxpayers. I will work to ensure that the Freedom to Work law is enforced, and that state resources are used in the most effective manner. I also firmly believe that, as a Michigan public university, MSU should have an admission policy that overwhelmingly favors Michigan students. The University must also keep tuition increases in check by first evaluating all costs and expenditures.
An appalling video released earlier this year shows a rogue professor ranting his liberal political views to his class, name calling, and intimidating a student who disagreed with him. There is no place for this sort of behavior in our education system. I will work hard to ensure that MSU’s classrooms are a place for the open exchange of ideas and knowledge - not a place for offensive rhetoric and political propaganda. The professor has been removed from the classroom, but he retains his full salary. It is wrong that as Michigan taxpayers, we will continue to pay his salary even when he is not in the classroom.
Conservative voices are lost in MSU's leadership as long as the liberal majority continues to control the Board.  In the 2014 election, we have the opportunity to pick up two seats by unseating two incumbent democrats. In 2012, I was the highest vote getter in the general election among all eight education seats. I am a proven conservative and an electable candidate. If given your trust and support in 2014, I will return to the board room to fight for our conservative principles and ideals.
Retaking the Board of Trustees and defending our conservative ideals will take a lot of hard work and we must start today. In order to begin this fight I ask for your support. 

Melanie Foster, Proven Conservative Leadership

Melanie is a first-generation American who built a small family business into a nationally acclaimed landscape contracting firm. She understands the aspects of completing projects on time, within budget, making a payroll, and managing staff. She brings her conservative, practical 20 years of business experience to Michigan State University.
Melanie also dedicates time to guiding our future conservative leaders. Melanie participated in the Student Statesmanship Institute offering encouragement to our future generations of Christian leaders. She also serves on the Lansing Christian School Foundation Board where she raises funds to support academically sound Christian education.
While endorsements are not offered until after the convention, Melanie is proud to have previously earned the support of the Michigan Farm Bureau, Citizens for Traditional Values, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and Right to Life of Michigan.